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Foggy Waters

How It Works

Stages of Our work.

First Step - Let's Speak.

Contact us through the form below or directly through Whatsapp, and we will schedule a conversation between you and one of our practitioners. During this consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your case, and we will perform a Kabbalistic analysis to provide insights tailored to your specific situation. This consultation phone call is provided at no charge, as part of our commitment to assisting you on your journey.

Second Step - We will Discuss your Options with Us.

After completing your reading, we will have a clearer understanding of your case and how we can best assist you. We will explain the ways in which we can help and recommend suitable processes based on your individual needs. Whether it's personal development, relationship improvement, or any other issue, we will discuss our recommendations with you. Together, we will decide on the best course of action to proceed, ensuring that it aligns with your goals and preferences.

Third Step - We Begin Our Process Together.

Depending on your specific case, the process may vary. For relationship issues, you will undergo specific teachings tailored to address those challenges. For personal development, a different form of teaching will be utilized. However, regardless of the focus, this journey remains an interesting, deep, and empowering process.

In most cases, the process will involve two main components. Firstly, there will be an esoteric process that you will need to perform, which typically entails simple techniques involving the usage of remedies, talismans, or specific meditation techniques that we will teach you. Secondly, there will be personal guidance and teaching provided by one of our professional practitioners or process guides.

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