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About Us.

We are practitioners of practical Kabbalah, specializing in sacred geometry and the secrets of sound. Our family comprises both the esteemed Practitioners of The Madmon Family and Shimon Family, as well as a few individual practitioners with whom we collaborate for specific cases.

Located in Israel, we are fortunate to have access to the rich heritage and traditions of the mystical teachings. However, our services extend far beyond our borders, as we cater to clients worldwide.

Within our team, we are fortunate to have masters of esoteric crafting who excel in creating specialized talismans and remedies. Additionally, we are supported by seasoned esoteric teachers and process guides dedicated to facilitating your journey of learning and development.

Furthermore, we offer the expertise of relationship specialists who focus specifically on utilizing esoteric tools to enhance relationships or perform sacred binding rituals. With a commitment to providing comprehensive support and guidance, we strive to offer a balanced and inclusive approach to practical Kabbalah, ensuring that each seeker receives the assistance they need on their spiritual path.

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