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Study The Esoteric Arts of the Spiritual Development Process

Experience the True Potential of Consciousness

About Our Family

"We are a family of Kabbalah practitioners and teachers based in the Jerusalem area of Israel. Our lineage spans several generations, dedicated to the mastery of the esoteric art of practical Kabbalah. Within our ranks, we count experts in the creation of talismans and sacred rituals, practitioners versed in the secrets of sound and sacred geometry, as well as Process Guides and Teachers of the Esoteric Arts."

Hebrew Writings
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Kabbalah Reading for Individuals or Couples.

"We provide detailed analysis of individuals' essence and energetic structures, as well as compatibility checks between couples or potential romantic partners. Our readings utilize the traditional formula of Jewish Gematria, an esoteric Kabbalistic method, to offer profound insights. These readings are initiated following a brief phone consultation with one of our practitioners, during which relevant questions are asked to facilitate the process.

For clients interested in our services, we offer a complimentary reading at the outset of the process to thoroughly analyze their case."

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